Designing the interactions with your customers so they always create value... Service with Teeth

Our fiercely competitive world means you must make every contact with every customer count every time.

It is challenging enough to get your customer's attention, so once you have it you must maximise the value of that opportunity for interaction, however small… for them and for you.

Customers' service expectations are rising, but because of the need to reduce cost the number of staff available to serve is falling. The answer to this challenge is Service with Teeth.

We design positive service interactions, be they face to face, on the phone or electronic and even through your physical signals of service, that customers tell us they love to receive,  staff love to give AND that increase the number of sales and the value of each interaction.

Our “Service with Teeth” philosophy is not about hard selling, it is much more than being polite and helpful, it is…. as we designed for John Lewis… about creating the customer service interactions so that your customers “love to buy from you” … and keep loving to buy from you.

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